Saturday, August 8, 2009

Adventures to come.....

will keep you all posted!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chicken Pudding

2 days ago while meandering through the streets of Istanbul eating a juicy pear, a bird shit on my head, 2 hours away from my home on the asia side of Istanbul and I was once again transformed into a dirty backpacker :)

Istanbul is the most beautiful city that I have been to in the world (Seoul, Korea is my favorite), but Istanbul is the most breathtaking! I have spent my last 5 weeks living in summer houses on the sea and on an amazing, blissful private yacht...swimming with phosphorescense under the stars and eating amazing Turkish food! It has been a food extravaganza, some of my favorites include: soft white cheese with Honey on top, any cheese with homemade cherry jam....I am having writers food block, anyways, I have also tried some new and unique foods to add to my list of spiders, snakes, scorpions etc... just yesturday I had a dessert that when translated into english means 'chicken breast,' which consists of shredded chicken breast in a thick creamy milky pudding and can be purchased at the finest sweet shops and last night we went to an amazing restaurant called Garden, the biggest restaurant I have ever seen, seating perhaps 1000 or more people! When we arrived it was completely empty, as it is Ramazan and people begin eating after the sun sets! Well by 7:46 the entire restaurant was full, it was quite an experience seeing the entire place fill up and everyone start eating at the exact same time! As a part of this meal I tried a new (for me) type of Kofte (turkish meatball) which was a spicy raw ball of meat, so glad it was spicy otherwise it would have been terrible!

I must sleep now xx

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Beautiful Istanbul...

Hello all, I am just finishing up an amazing 5 weeks spent chilling and speaking English! Enjoyed so so much! Last week I spent 5 days with Sibel and the kids in a 5 star resort on the med sea! Lounging in the sea and pool all day long and at night sleeping....a favourite past time of mine ;) I have watched so many movies here..Hancock (2X), Kung Fu Panda (2x), Mamma Mia, Dave(?), Narnia, Journey to the center of the earth...and more I just cant remember all of them, so basically ın the last 5 weeks I have watched more movies at the cinema than in the last 3 years! I must go to sleep now, will try write something more exciting soon..

xx megs

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The lıfe of a working girl.......

Hello from beautiful, amazing, breathtaking İstanbul!!! I will begin by telling you just how much my life has changed ın the past week!! I have went from washing my haır, body, and clothes wıth the same palmolıve body wash, brushıng my haır wıth the brıstles of a brush that once had a handle, shavıng my legs wıth a handleless razor (thıs ıs really dıffıcult), eatıng my free hostel breakfast for breakfast and lunch, and eıther eatıng falafel whıch cost 40 cents for dınner or the braıns of a sheep.....prıceless!!! Now I am lıvıng ın an amazıng flat wıth floor to ceılıng wındows overlookıng the sea (only a few mınutes walk away)ın amazıng amazıng amazıng Itanbul...I have a room wıth my lıttle pony sheets, my own laptop, a house attendant who cleans and makes my bed every day, makes all meals, except for those that are purchased at fancy restaurants lıke the golf and country club where I spent my day today!! I go bowlıng, swımmıng, play board games and dance around the house wıth Sıbel (mom), Güchon (13)and Sınem (8)!!!! I am anxıously awaıtıng gettıng myself naked ın one of the turkısh hammams!!!!!!!! Will wrıte more from paradıse soon!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Jordanian night club tour.....

I am writing from the Farah hotel, Amman, Jordan!! A couple nights ago I was sitting at this same computer trying to make a decision whether I will come home for the summer or not, when Jarrett, the guy beside me said "Megan, I can jump over people!" And of course I offered myself to be jumped over! Outside onto the street a group of us went to see what Jarrett could do. First he jumped over this guy from England, while standing up...then added a guy from Iceland, then the jordanian man who owns the gambling 'cafe' across the street, and then me all standing in a row for Jarrett to jump over!!! And he did!! Afterwards we were all invited to the cafe for Sheeshas and tea and told that we were all welcome there anytime and could have anything we wanted for free. Jordanian hospitality.

The next night as we were walking back to the hostel the men in the 'cafe' invited us up for tea, we began speaking about Jordanian culture and got on the topic of night clubs....."come with me, you wont believe it, I will show you," one of the men said. So we went with him for a night club tour all around Amman, and although we didnt enter any of the well hidden, russian and phillipine women frequented clubs, I know now where they all are and learnt so much about the culture here in Jordan!!! On the way back we stopped for a fruit cocktail (juice), we pulled up to a street stall, honked the horn and the owner, a friend of our 'night club tour guide' came, took our orders and brought us the most amazing fruit cocktails in glass cups to drink in the car. When we were finished with a honk of the horn the man came, took our glasses, and we were on our way!!

Before Amman, I went to Wadi Mousa to visit Petra, I met some amazing people and wandered around where parts of 'Indiana jones and the last crusade' was filmed!!! I also went petra by night, the entire siq and treasury (1.5 km walk) was lit up with candles and bedouin music under the amazing stars!!!

On my journey back from wadi mousa to amman I sat in the front seat of a local bus, infront of me a sign that said (spelling errors and funniness included)

Passengers bill of rights and responsibilities

1) Loading and unlaoding are not allowed except in des ignited places.

2) Smoking and throwing litter from the vehicle are prphbited.

3) Radio and cassette player prohibited with annoying form.

4) Driver is fully familiar with the rote and SHOULD reach the final destination in each trip.

Along with the blonde hair hanging from the rearview mirror and this sign, I had a good laugh!!

Okay Im off, hope everyone is well!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My escape from Egypt

Hello from amazing modern Israel!!!

I arrived in israel much sooner than expected as being a girl alone in Egypt is not something I recommend doing!

After my last post I headed to Dahab, a beach resort on the red sea in Egypt, a beautiful, beautiful place that reminded me of middle east meets disneyland and the Land before time 1 thru 16??, beautiful water, amazing accomodation, desert in the background, and a many many many egyptian men! Needless to say I didnt last long in this place before I decided to head further up north, hoping to escape all the hissing and marriage proposals!! Hopped on a bus to another beach and ended up paying extra and going straignt into Israel the same day, very unexpectedly and happily. I will go back and explore Egypt again someday, just not alone or blonde!!!

What a culture schock crossing the border from Egypt to Israel, where people stop for you when you cross the road, no hissing men, shopping malls..all very western!

I have been meeting my friends that I have made along the way and am now staying with my friend Nurit who lives in an amazing apartment right on the mediteranean sea!! paradise!!

Israel is nothing, absolutely nothing like I had expected....very much like canada, in some ways.....I am trying to upload pics to show....okay, im off...later, megs

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hello from beautiful Cairo, Egypt!!! A few days ago I hopped on a flight from delhi to Bahrain, a really cool Island country in the middle east, and then on to Cairo! Cairo is a beautiful city, and if I wasnt blonde and the men went for siestas when I went out it would be even more amazing!!!! I went to the pyramids today and they were so amazing! Got hustled quite a bit, ended up leaving my camel and guide, already paid for, because contrary to what I was told, you do NOT need a guide!!!

Tomorrow I am heading to the Red sea and then making my way to Israel!!!!

I spent my last few weeks in India in the Parvati valley and then in Dharamasala, where I studied silver, chased away giant spiders and went to teaching with the amazing Dalai Lama!

The last time I was in India I only travelled overnight by train, but this time most of my long journeys were by the incredible india sleeper bus!! A bed with a view of the stars from the window!!

Well I'm off to brave to wonderful world of Cairo men!!